Plastic Shopping Bags

Plastic bags may NOT be put into regular recycling bins used for curbside or transfer station recycling. However, many supermarkets, grocery stores, and dry cleaners, as well as some large chain stores do accept plastic bags for recycling. These programs accept plastic grocery bags, plastic newspaper bags, dry cleaning bags, bread bags, CLEAN sandwich/ziploc bags, the outer plastic wrapping from toilet paper/paper towels/napkins, and any plastic bag with the number "2" or "4" inside the recycling symbol. (Some produce bags are labelled 2 or 4.) The bags must be empty, clean, and dry. Remember to check for receipts, coins, and trash before you put bags in the collection box. The continuation of plastic bag collection programs is dependent on these guidelines being scrupulously followed! For more informations see: Plastic Film/Bag Recycling

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