The District employs three staff: Executive Director, Program Director, and Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper. The Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper is a part-time position.

Jan Ameen, Executive Director

Jan Ameen has been the Executive Director since 2000. She began her employment at the District as Program Director in September 1995. Prior to working in Franklin County, Jan worked for the Windham County (VT) Solid Waste Management District and the State of Vermont Solid Waste Division.

She thoroughly enjoys working with residents, towns, schools, and businesses. Her goal is, and always has been, to do the work for towns that they couldn't easily do on their own. She is also determined to offer the most cost-effective services possible.

Jan is always looking for new opportunities to reduce waste and to implement new programs for member towns.

Amy Donovan, Program Director

Amy Donovan is the District's Program Director. She began her employment at the District in 2007. She is responsible for public education and special collection programs. Amy is passionate about composting. She has worked with schools and town transfer stations to implement food waste diversion (composting) programs. Amy helps train transfer station attendants on what can and can't be recycled. She coordinates the recycling and composting program at the Franklin County Fair each year.

Stephanie Meehleder, Administrative Assistant and Bookkeeper

Stephanie Meehleder is the District's Administrative Assistant and Bookkeeper. Stephanie began her tenure at the District in the summer of 2019. She is responsible for accounts payable and accounts receivable as well as reconciling bank accounts. She assists with mailings, educational information, and administrative tasks. She also serves as the clerk of the board and records meeting minutes.