Educational Services and Programs

The Franklin County Solid Waste Management District provides services to 21 member towns in Franklin County, Massachusetts. The District provides a range of services and programs at no cost for area schools, student groups and clubs, troops, after-school programs, and outdoor schools.

Technical Assistance to Establish or Improve a Recycling or Composting Program

District staff is available to assist schools in establishing, reinvigorating, or trouble-shooting recycling and composting programs. The District includes 30 public schools. Most schools have composting programs in place and all have recycling programs.

Presentations and Instruction

District staff can provide instruction and presentations on solid waste, composting, and other environmentally-oriented topics for students of all ages and in all disciplines. District staff can assist schools with hands-on solid waste studies and experiments, planning environmental science fairs, Earth Day activities, worm bins, and other environmental education learning activities. Similar services are available for school clubs, outdoor classrooms, after-school programs, and troops.