Bernardston Transfer Station: 1st Saturday in May-Nov. 8 am-noon; 1st Saturday in Dec.-Apr. 9 am-11 am
Colrain Transfer Station: Every Saturday 8 am – 4 pm
Conway Transfer Station: 1st Saturday of each month 11 am–2 pm - temporarily closed to non-residents

Waste type and disposal fee (cash or check payable to FCSWMD)

Motor oil (no antifreeze or water mixed in)

$1.50 per gallon
($0.50 minimum for quantities < 1 gal.)

Oil filters

$0.75 each


$1.00 per gallon

Paint, stain, thinner (no latex)

$5.00 per gallon

$1.50 per quart

$0.75 per pint

Fluorescent lamps

$0.50 per 4 foot lamp

$1.00 per 8 foot lamp

$0.50 per compact or circle

Light ballasts

$5.00 each

Rechargeable, lithium, and button batteries

No charge

Cell phones

No charge

Mercury thermometers and thermostats; mercury switches

No charge