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Residents and teachers in the Solid Waste District (located in Franklin County, Massachusetts) can borrow the curricula and materials listed below by calling (413)-772-2438 or emailing: info@franklincountywastedistrict.org. Most of the curricula contain easy-to-photocopy activity and learning sheets, as well as complete background information to successfully complete projects. The activities are intended to be used in conjunction with everyday school curricula. They are well designed for use as single lessons in order to be most adaptable to individual teaching needs.

Recycling and Solid Waste
The No Waste Anthology: A Teachers Guide to Environmental Activities K-12
Compilation of solid waste, natural resources and pollution, and hazardous waste activities. Activities cover a wide-range of disciplines, provide quality background information and interesting hands-on activities for students. Each activity sheet provides a brief overview of the goals, school subject, applicable grades, time period required, and necessary materials to complete the activity.

The Hazard House Workbook
Workbook and activities about household chemicals, safety awareness and alternatives. For pre-school and young elementary.

Selected Lesson Plans from Mass. DEP's Solid Waste Resource Management Guide
Suggestions for incorporating recycling, composting, and solid waste issues into the Massachusetts Science & Technology/Engineering Curriculum Frameworks

Ladybugs & Lettuce Leaves
Student and Curriculum Guide for gardening and composting. Includes lessons on soil sampling, nutrition, germination, water cycle and more. For elementary science programs.

Composting Across the Curriculum: A Teacher’s Guide to Composting
Provides complete background information on how to connect composting to science, social science, and other ongoing school curriculum. Includes information on soil and decomposition and other waste issues. Contains 21 accompanying hands-on activities for students. Applicable for elementary and middle-school ages.

Worms Eat Our Garbage: Classroom Activities for a Better Environment
Curriculum for home, school and outdoor centers, integrating earthworm activities with soil science, plant growth studies and ecological issues. Appropriate for grades 4-8 (and above), in all disciplines. Hands-on activities are easily photocopied; background information and activity answers are provided.

The Wonderful World of Wigglers
All about worms – making the connections between soil ecology, growing food, and our communities. Includes hands-on activities on how to build a worm bin, raising worms for compost, and worm activities. Applicable for K-6 grades in all disciplines. 

Backyard Composting
A step-by-step guide to composting. For all ages. 

Hazardous Materials

Guide to Hazardous Material Management in Massachusetts Middle and High Schools
Provides practical instructions to evaluate your current school hazardous materials management system, identify relevant regulations, clean out your hazardous waste, and establish a long-term management and reduction program. 

Forty Low-Waste, Low-Risk Chemistry Labs
An approach to minimize the risks associated with the purchase, storage, use, and disposal of chemicals used in high school chemistry classes. Reduces hazardous waste generation to a minimum through microscaling and the substitution of non-hazardous for hazardous materials.

Totally Tree-mendous Activities
Projects to discover the beauty and benefits of trees

The Kid’s Guide To Social Action
Step-by-step guide, along with resources and tools to instruct students of all ages on problem solving, creative thinking, and positive action. Great resource for schools, clubs, groups, troops, and student organizations. Contains ready-to-copy-and-use petitions, proclamations, press release forms, speechmaking, lobbying tips, and more.

Many websites have free downloadable activities, lessons and curricula for environmental education. Here's a pageful of web resources you may want to explore. 

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