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This page includes links to brochures on the following topics:

Alternatives to Chemical Products Indoors Pallets
Alternatives to Chemical Products Outdoors Pressure-Treated Wood
Animal Carcass Disposal Plan
Recycling Plastics
Events Recycling Guide Recycling Yes/No List
Household Hazardous Waste Safe Home, Healthy Home
Junk Autos Stumps and Brush
Mercury Unwanted Medications

Recycling Yes/No List   (PDF file*)
A list of what can and cannot be put in recycling boxes in Franklin County, Massachusetts. (2 pages)

Recycling Plastics in Western Massachusetts  (PDF file*)
Explains which plastics are recyclable and why. (5 pages)
This brochure was mailed to all households in the District in September 2006.

Household Hazardous Waste
Information on how to properly dispose of household hazardous waste.

What You Should Know About Mercury 
Information about the health and environmental risks posed by mercury, and how to deal with a mercury spill in your home.

Alternatives to Chemical Products Inside your Home 
Less toxic options for laundry, cleaning, indoor pests, and personal hygiene products. 

Alternatives to Chemical Products Around the Yard and Garage 
Less toxic options for outdoor pests, lawns and gardens, vehicles, and construction.

Pressure-Treated Wood: Hazards and Alternatives
Outlines the health and environmental risks of pressure-treated lumber, how to handle it and property dispose of it, and safer choices for rot-resistant building materials.

Safe Home, Healthy Home 
Tips for making one's home safer by changing purchasing habits, adopting some changes to housecleaning and yard care, and implementing proper storage, use, and disposal of household chemicals.

Events Recycling Guide (PDF file*)
Designed for organizers of public events (festivals, street fairs, concerts, sports events, fund-raising events, etc.), this guide offers detailed information on how to reduce waste at events by implementing recycling and/or composting. (16 pages)

Junk Autos
Describes the options for proper disposal of junk autos. While some of the information is specific to Franklin County, Massachusetts, much is relevant nationwide. 

Stump and Brush Removal
Outlines some options for removal and disposal of stumps and brush. In Massachusetts, it is illegal to bury stumps resulting from new construction.

Unwanted Medications
The District offers guidelines for the disposal of unwanted medications.

Pallet Recyclers and Exchanges
Lists local and regional options for reusing, rebuilding, or recycling wooden pallets.  

Animal Carcass Disposal Plan
This plan is an agricultural emergency response document created through a collaboration between the Franklin Regional Council of Governments and the Franklin County Solid Waste District, and was funded with the support of the United States Department of Agriculture. It offers concrete assistance to local officials faced with a large number of animal carcasses after an ice storm, flood, fire or other disaster.  The plan offers worksheets and step-by-step guidance in determining how to dispose of animal carcasses, including burial, composting, and off-site disposal.

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